Nirangal is happy to provide internship opportunities to students interested in learning through work. As of this time, we do not have any paid internship positions. However, we will be happy to provide a great learning opportunity for budding activists. Aspiring interns need not have prior experience in working with gender and sexuality but they should be open to learning about these issues and be passionate about working to create a just society. They will be required to work closely with the marginalized communities. They can help us with any of our current activities or develop their own project in consultation with us, as long as it is in line with our mission and vision. If you are student and would like to intern with us, you may also consider volunteering for some of our activities before starting with the formal internship. Please approach us with a letter of internship request from your education institution. On successful completion of internship, we will be also happy to share feedback about your work with your educational institution and issue documents required by them.

A review of interning with Nirangal from our first international intern:

“My interning with Nirangal helped me understand the importance and the impact of doing workshops within the community. I learned how to collaborate with other NGOs in order to achieve our vision and mission. As someone coming from Africa, I learned about cultural diversity, beliefs and norms of the Indian culture.

I realized the importance of getting to know the target group or beneficiaries: being part of them, living with them, getting to know how they live, and understanding were they come from. It helped me not to judge or jump to conclusions. Interning with Nirangal gave me the confidence to openly share experiences with others in order to make a change in the society.

Above all, i can say I gained a lot of experience on transparency, trust, togetherness, accountability within the Nirangal team, as an organization.”

– Gumisayi Bonzo


A review of interning with Nirangal from our first intern:

“Interning with Nirangal was an eye opening process for me, to say the least. Nirangal exposed me to the lives and work of activists whose scope, in my opinion is diverse, and ever-changing. To gain an insight into the workings of an NGO as dynamic and groundbreaking as Nirangal was as exciting as being given the autonomy to choose the areas of work that I could spend time with, in order to sharpen my skills.

The kind of support and mentorship I was provided with by the entire team only served to fuel my work towards the eradication of heterosexism, patriarchical privilege and discrimination. The collaborative nature of the organization of Tamilnadu Pride March, the Chennai International Queer film festival and the various sensitization workshops I was a part of, rapidly increased my comprehension of the ground realities of organization, and the current status of human rights in the larger scheme of our country’s governance. Working with Nirangal has built my confidence and has fuelled my on-campus endeavors to ensure a fighting chance for gender and sexuality not to be pushed under the rug.”

– Namithaa Jayasankar

Photo Credit: Bharathee Ramani