Nirangal’s long-term vision is of a society where well-being, happiness, and justice for gender and sexuality minorities and sex workers is not an exception but the norm. This vision includes an India where non-heteronormative sexualities and sex work are not only decriminalized but are actively protected; where there is increased respect for and acceptance of genders and sexualities that go beyond the binary gender and heterosexual norms; where queer women, men, transpersons, and sex workers can live without fear of persecution; where the modes of seeking redress, accessing help, and obtaining justice are readily available, easy and efficient. We envision a nation where gender and sexuality minorities find the space for the full realization of their potentials in all aspects of life: domestic, public, education, workplace, health, and so on.

Our goal is to end discrimination and violence against gender and sexuality minorities and sex workers in the state of Tamil Nadu. We anticipate that this work, together with the efforts of other regional groups, will add up to radically improve social justice for marginalized groups like gender and sexual minorities and sex workers across the country.